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Female Math Course

An eight-week comprehensive review of mathematics (from basic arithmetic to introductory algebra and trigonometry), the Female Math Course not only helps women prepare for and pass high school equivalency math tests (e.g., GED, HiSET, AND TASC) with scores that denote college- and/or career-readiness; it also helps them prepare for and pass college mathematics placement exams with scores that will enable them to dispense with costly, credit-worthless, and time-consuming remedial courses.  Additionally, women seeking to prepare for graduate school assessments (e.g., GMAT and GRE), and miscellaneous pre-employment screening tests will find the Female Math Course extremely helpful.

While the primary focus of the Female Math Course is on helping students develop sound mathematical cognitive skills (e.g., memory, attention, and algorithmic-reasoning), there is a strong secondary emphasis on the development of non-cognitive traits, aka "soft skills" (e.g., perseverance, self-control, punctuality, and the ability to work cooperatively and congenially on a team) that are often valued as highly as cognitive skills in the workplace.

The Female Math Course would be offered online (Helicon, Inc.'s Female Math Course Classroom) from 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. (ET) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays; and it will be open to women all over the country.  Pre- and post-test Assessments will be given; certificates of completion will be awarded at the basic level and at the honors level (with the submission of a mathematics topic paper).

Shop Math Course
It is our belief that many women currently working in low-paying, traditionally-female jobs would be seriously interested in careers in the construction, manufacturing, utility industries—if only they could "do the math"...i.e., work easily, correctly, and quickly with fractions.  The Shop Math Course, divided into three fraction-focused modules, will afford women ample opportunity to practice and acquire proficiency.
•  How to "Read" and Use a Ruler
• Review of Ruler Fractions and Mixed Numbers
How to "Read" and Use an Architect's Scale
The Shop Math Course would be offered online in short, instructional videos that demonstrate step-by-step explanations of concepts (e.g., subtracting fractions with unlike denominators and borrowing) combined with supplementary practice exercises.  Women will be able to set their own individual paces of study.  Pre- and post-Course assessments will be given; each lesson will begin and end with a quiz; certificates of completion (indicating scores and percent improvement) will be awarded.
Basics of Bookkeeping

Originally designed as a stand-alone resource for low-income women in New York City who wanted to start or grow their own businesses, the Basics of Bookkeeping class has also been used by not-for-profit organizations as part of larger office operations training programs.  Google Sheets (free online spreadsheets) will be used to demonstrate many of the activities (e.g., posting to a general ledger, creating worksheets and making adjustments, calculating a trial balance, producing income statements and balance sheets, etc.)

The Basics of Bookkeeping class would be offered online in two parts on successive Mondays from 5:00 - 9:00 p.m.; certificates of completion (itemizing the topics covered) will be awarded.

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